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Heaven- Sent Natural Therapies

Welcome. My name is Yasmaheena and I offer a range of massage treatments in Nelson Bay NSW.These include relaxation and remedial massage, Raindrop aromatherapy Massage and Energy Healing. I work with amazing therapeutic grade essential oils. These Young Living Oils are also available through this site or contact me directly. They work on realigning and balancing the physical and emotional body which assist us in becoming at peace in our lives. Full of vitality and positive emotions, giving us a more joyful and fulfilling life. I also offer Pregnancy Massage and my speciality is Relaxation Massage. 

You will also find on this site, reference to angelic healings. These are celestial beings who work with us in everyday life and if you choose they will work with me in your massage to assist with healing and a sense of deep peace and balance. Some clients have had a profound change from these treatments.

The section on Angel Therapy is offering you the opportunity to get in touch with your own angel helpers and here I am offering an affirmation for the day to help have a clear idea of how to utilise your thoughts to expand your consciousness into a freedom of mind offering peace and love you have wished for in your lives. 

So enjoy browsing what is on offer here and I hope you find what you are looking for.

love and blessings,


Massage with Essential Oils

Remedial Massage & Aromatherapy

Therapeutic Massage &

Energy Healing

Young Living Oils

Therapeutic grade Essential Oils

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